About | Karna Puri

Karna Puri, born in 1955 in Calcutta, India, makes paintings, drawings, sculptures and mixed media artworks. He is an alumnus of the Govt. College of Art, Calcutta, specializing in Drawing and Painting.

He displays a method where images and ideas seem to spring from the deep recesses of the mind. He makes this possible by working with minimal intervention of a personalised, individual artist in the act of creating a piece of art. It is more an outpouring where the creation of his work is undertaken in a state of meditative connect with his inner being, where the artist and his work meld into a singularity, uncontrived and spontaneous. His work tries to express this without telling a story or creating a metaphor, and are representations of his perceptions that can only be realized in painting. He believes that “to paint is to meditate!”

Karna Puri loves to research, experiment and develop new techniques and methods of translating his ideas into visual media. He continues with landscape sketching in graphite, charcoal and ink, a passion that has not left him since his college days. He is also fond of moulding and manipulating clay into small sculptural pieces. Apart from his own work, he has been teaching art at secondary school and post school levels. Numerous students of his have opted for visual art and art based professions as career choices.

He is deeply inspired by his surroundings, whether hiking through the Terai forest trails, walking along the river, trekking to the pristine bugyals of the great Himalayas or just viewing the Shivalik Range across the Doon Valley from his home and around.
Karna Puri currently lives and works in Dehradun.